At Colegio Europeo Daos we consider sport to be a healthy way to promote physical development and team spirit. It relates to an ancient Greek proverb saying “a sound mind in a sound body”. PE is certainly the foundation of the concept of integral education.

PE plays a significant role in the health and well being of all children.

Group activities help to develop the team skills required to reach towards a common goal. A sound PE programme can strongly promote students to go on to live an active and healthy life.

During the Early Years Foundation stage of Nursery, we use Psychomotricity to develop and improve the coordination of body movements. This neurological development is essential in the early stages of infant development.

It is regularly used to enhance learning in the classroom. As a result the children learn quickly and securely, building and strengthening their own personalities. It nurtures their mind and facilitates self awareness.

In addition to PE sessions, the students are also able to participate in sports such as basketball, football, swimming, skating and tennis.

The next project of Colegio Europeo Daos of Lanzarote is to expand our sports facilities with a multi-sports indoor leisure centre containing a 25 meter pool for practice, training and improvement of swimming.

Aware of the significant benefits that swimming provides our children we are now offering swimming courses for our students to enjoy during school hours, arrangements have been made enabling students to enjoy the facilities offered at the ‘Santa Rosa Sports and Leisure Centre located in Costa Teguise.