Welcome to Daos European School

Backed by 21 years of experience in nursery school education, the Colegio Europeo Daos is the brainchild of founder and director, Doña Elvira Ramos Ferre.

In the Colegio Europeo Daos of Lanzarote our curriculum focuses on providing our pupils with the education and skills needed to be not only European, but global citizens.

With our innovative method of quadrilingual education, we are the first school in the Canary Islands to be authorised to teach four modern foreign languages from nursery school right through to secondary. When pupils begin their education with us at nursery stage the immersion in Spanish, English, German and Chinese enables them to become confident users of the four languages. This learning process increases intellectual capacity; as language skills develop, so too does a pupil’s ability to learn.

Our teaching method goal is to provide the pupil a complete education, developing intellectual and physical skills and human values.

We open our doors to children as young as 4 months old and accompany them on a journey through early years and foundation stages of learning by implementing methods of early stimulation (Glenn Doman) through the use of flash cards, realia and creative play that help stimulate a child’s brain development and unlock potential.

Our teaching methods aim to provide a holistic education; developing intellectual and physical abilities, as well as universal human values.

At Colegio Europeo Daos we encourage our pupils to become independent, life-long learners, who develop a positive attitude towards all areas of study.