Our Partner School

QUEEN’S SCHOOL is a private school based on the British Curriculum for pupils of all nationalities, from Pre-Nursery until Key Stage 2. From its star, the School’s main purpose has been to provide the pupils an excellent academic, human and socio-cultural learning. It is based on the encouragement of creativity, initiative and personal effort, in order to successfully overcome the pupils’ goals year after year.

It currently has pupils of different native languages and highly qualified teachers. This pupil/teacher relationship allows us to provide personalized attention and constant monitoring of the pupil’s academic progress regardless of their learning stage.

Our British Educational System allows pupils to take advantage of a unique experience, having the ability to assimilate the English language from its constant use in school life. This is individually reinforced due to the School’s policy of small class sizes. It is very intense in during the first stages of learning. The School imparts complementary classes of Spanish language and culture. The pupils can choose to continue their Secondary studies in Daos European School.

The School is located in Playa Blanca, in the township of Yaiza. It has an area of more than 2000 square meters and sport facilities attached to the building. The different areas are distributed very carefully taking into account that each learning stage requires specific facilities.